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Porsche Philippines

P is for Phenomenal, an amazing person
O is for Organized, you always have it together
R is for Receptive, an open mind
S is for Steady, a loyal pal
C is for Considerate, thoughtful towards people
H is for Humorous, spreading laughter around
E is for Enigmatic, deeply fascinating
P is for Popular, liked by all
H is for Humble, never putting on airs

porsche philippines

porsche philippines, Endemic plants are those plants that are not likely to grow in another region of the world, which grows only in that country or region because of the ecological characteristics of their habitat. When living things meet natural obstacles, their spreads are interrupted, communities are divided and differentiated. The genetic makeup of the species changes and new species arise. The ratio of endemism in an area varies depending on the topography of the area, the geological aging of the area, the isolation level and the duration of the isolation.

Natural life in our country has been under the influence of various threats in the last century. Nevertheless, we have such a rich natural life that if I look at any corner I admire it. Birds, insects, spiders and plants have recently started to attract interest. Our country is a total paradise with about 10,000 plant species. If Hell thinks that more than 3,000 of them are endemic …

There are about 350,000 species in the plant kingdom. Our country is a very important treasure in terms of plant diversity. The total plant species in all of Europe is 12,000, while there are about 10,000 species in our country (Italy 5600, Spain 5000, Greece 5000, France 4500, Germany 2500, England 2000). When subspecies and varieties are added with the additions in recent years, there are around 12,000 taxa in our country. This diversity in Turkey results from the diversity of the growing environments of the plants. Changes in climatic and soil characteristics cause the plants to vary in size

Endemism applies to a large number of plants in our country. Hele has some, they only grow in one region (point endemics). The western and central parts of the Taurus Mountains and the transition areas between Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia are the richest places in terms of endemism. Bolkar Mountains 305, Erciyes Mountain 190, Amanos Mountains 250, Icelandic Mountains 70 endemic taxa. porsche philippines

The presence of endemic plants at the sex level is an important indicator of diversity. There are 15 plant groups endemic in Turkey at the genus level.

While the number of endemic plants in Europe is 2500, the number of endemic plants in our country is 3500 (Italy 700, Spain 500, Japan 2000, USA 4000 – Antalya 578, Konya 478, Icel 366).porsche philippines

Even in Antalya alone, there is more endemic plant than all of Spain, all of Europe. Visiting Antalya for an endemic plant photograph seems inevitable J porsche philippines

It is easy to say that one of the three plants you see in our country is endemic (endemism rate 34.4%). And unfortunately, the pressure on them is increasing. We have so many wonderful plants in the nose with the danger of being destroyed. In Turkey, about 1500 species are threatened with extinction from under threatened plants. The very narrow distribution areas, which are already very narrow, do not have protection status. Hele some of them are so narrowly spread that we have plants in a tiny one or a few areas. If you think, if that tiny space is destroyed, then your beautiful flower will leave your world forever.

We need to know to love to love, to love …

He does not know anything, he does not love anything.

He can not do anything, he does not understand anything …

Nothing is worthless, nothing …

However, the person who understands likes, he realizes and sees …

The more information one actually has, the more love it has …

The person who drops all the nuts mature at the same time as the berries does not know anything about the grapes.

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

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